Here are some examples of  how working with Steve Roberts Therapy & Training has helped people in the ‘real world’.

Just wanted to say a ‘massive’ thank you.  I am shocked how much one session with you has helped out relationship so much.  Thank you once again. B & M. Mansfield

Thank you so much for your help this afternoon.  S and I found the session most helpful. MW. South Normanton

A huge thank you for your guidance and support. I could not have got through the recent weeks without you.  J. Mansfield

K is really enjoying her medical training and relishing the new experiences.  We owe so much to you Steve for the work you did with her this time last year.  You gave her the belief that she was good enough and now she is following her dream.  We can never thank you enough S & G. Mansfield

Hi Steve. J and I found the session to be very useful in getting our relationship back on course.  You made me realise what I need to change in order to move our relationship forward. Thank you  C & J. Mansfield

Steve Roberts started working with Newark and Sherwood District Council two years ago.  Steve initially delivered  training around stress management and coping with change and the feedback from delegates was so positive that we commissioned a number of bespoke sessions which were delivered across the council. As well as being an excellent trainer, Steve also provides a variety of alternative complementary therapies such as Neurolinguistics, Erickssonian Therapy and Human Needs Psychology.  Steve is now engaged to work for us under an SLA.  He provides confidential one to one support sessions to staff across the council.  The feedback continues to be positive with staff reporting that Steve has helped them to get to the root cause of troubling matters, enabling them to remain in work and take a fresh, positive outlook on life.  This has proved to be an effective alternative to counselling with many staff opting to take a different approach. Steve is a pleasant, approachable and gentle man, and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any organisation, either to deliver training or to work with individuals on a one to one basis. T. Mellors Human Resources and Legal 

Just a quick note to say a BIG thank you for the session and workshops you delivered at the IHM conference yesterday.  All the feedback and comments about your sessions have been great.  Even my colleagues on the IHM council thanked me for finding you!!  You really did get an energy into the room and gave it the  feel good factor.  I have no doubt your sessions were a big factor in its success. S. Ketch Primary Care Manager BMI Healthcare

On behalf of the girls from Blidworth and Ravenshead surgery, a very big  thank-you for yesterdays session at the Park Hospital we all enjoyed it very much. I would recommend your sessions to anyone. J.Mason. Blidworth Surgery

I feel like I’ve been on a journey, which will be ongoing now. I’m glad I came to you with an open mind. At all times I have felt totally safe and comfortable. You have to be prepared to make the effort to put something in, and by that I mean that Steve will guide you in an endearing manner how to use what is already inside of you. I was slim, went through some tough times got fat tried every diet going and I do mean EVERY DIET. None of them work!! you just end up even fatter fact and true. I have been following Steve’s programme for 6 weeks and I have lost 8lbs or 4 inches. I have eaten whatever I wanted, but I am re-educating to eat differently, healthier with smaller portions, in fact I am probably eating properly for my bodies needs for the first time in years. For anyone thinking of trying hypnotherapy do it, work with Steve and you will get to your goals and yes eventually you will do it on your own. S.Wise.Newton

Thank you Steve for your hard work at Bluecoat school last Thursday. The students really enjoyed the sessions and they learnt a lot. We also enjoyed working with you again. H.Corsie.BluecoatSchool

When I first came to see you about my weight I was a little sceptical. However after the first couple of sessions I began to feel different. I was out with a friend at the weekend for lunch and as usual I was looking at all the wonderful deserts and deciding which one I was going to have before even ordering my main meal. The main course arrived and I couldn’t finish it I actually felt full! Couldn’t believe it. I didn’t have a desert I didn’t want one. After 4 weeks I have lost 6lbs without being strict with myself and eating much of what I wanted. T. Mansfield

I had reached a point were I just couldn’t take the ringing in my ears anymore it was unbearable. Thank you for all your help, I am know able to control the volume to a level were it doesn’t bother me and I have days when the ringing stops altogether. Your depth of knowledge is such that you should write a book, and thank you for the CD it was great. P. Mansfield

After six months I am still a non-smoker. The strange thing was after the session I didn’t crave or even want a cigarette and I live with two smokers, who weren’t that considerate toward me thanks again. D. Notts

My anxiety has been a problem since I was a child and worse was the panic attacks. When they occurred at work I would have to go off sick. Since you have been treating me my anxiety levels have dropped considerably and I am able to cope with situations at work so much better and instead of going off sick I am able to carry on. I feel so much better thanks to you. E. Chesterfield

You are an angel. I just don’t know were I am getting the courage from. I think this is all your work and credit goes to you. You have started me thinking differently I am now able to calm down when in the past I couldn’t control things. Y. Notts

My medical diagnosis was Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression of which I had been suffering for five years and taking medication for that period of time. The sessions we have done together have benefited me so much more than I thought they would I must admit to being a little unsure how it would work in the beginning. The CD’s have been a great help and after five weeks I felt strong enough to begin coming off my medication. Thanks Steve. P. Notts

Steve I came to see you for confidence during interviews. As you remember I had already had a mock interview and it had gone terribly wrong I just went to pieces and forgot everything I was going to say. You gave me the tools to take back control and made me realise that I am a confident person and that I do know my job. The real interview went so much better than the first, I felt calm and the answers to questions just came to me almost without conscious thought. I actually enjoyed the experience. Several weeks later getting the job pleasantly surprised me. Your awesome! B. Warsop

Steve Roberts is a consumate professional, you will feel, and you will be, completely safe in his care. Years of training and practice have given him very high skill levels with a range of methods, which he uses in a caring and supportive way. You will experience as much change and improvement as you choose to make, for you are always in control of your progress. My knowledge of the great benefits to be gained by working with Steve come not only from personal experience, for which I am truly grateful, but also from the experience of another family member. When you are stuck with a problem, seeking help is wise, when you choose Steve Roberts to help you, it will be one of the best decisions of your life. H. Birmingham  Stress Management Seminar

An excellent presentation supported with visual aids from an extremely knowledgeable speaker. The content was not only useful for work related issues but also provided help and support towards domestic problems. Fascinating, enlightening and even spellbinding are just three adjectives that immediately come to mind that keeps one’s attention so intently focused on the subject matter. Superb! J.Downing AAT Sheffield Branch

Just a quick thank you for your help and support over the last few months.  I feel like a different person.  I cannot thank you enough for everything you did. C. Mansfield



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