One of the best ways to access the ability to change our internal representations is to learn the techniques of deep relaxation through Hypnosis. So let yourself enjoy this process of deep relaxation and self-discovery and as you do this you will learn how to manage your stress and anxiety effectively, release your inner strength, free yourself from limiting beliefs and gain a motivated and positive outlook.


Nearly everyone has experienced a trance-like state many times though they may not have called it Hypnosis. Think about a time in your car when you were driving along a road absorbed in your thoughts and then noticed you had travelled several miles without conscious thought. May be caught yourself daydreaming and not noticed routine things happening around you. May be absorbed in a project or book and not noticed how much time had passed.

These are hypnotic like trances. Each person experiences the hypnotic phenomenon in his or her own way. Hypnosis is a state of mind in which suggestions are accepted by the subconscious mind much more powerfully than is possible under normal conditions. Nearly all scientists and researchers in this topic recognise that the trance state we call hypnosis has special qualities. In it, you can control areas of yourself that are normally out of reach of your conscious mind.

Science has proven that the subconscious mind takes up about 83% of the space in our heads and is responsible for 96-98% of our behaviour; so tapping into this vast resource is the key to success.

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