EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Based on the theory that our bodies hold within them the energy of our thoughts and emotions and that we can release or enhance these thoughts and emotions by tapping into what Einstein called “subtle energy” systems of the body. It is the theory that our bodies have energy meridians, such as used in acupuncture, where energy thought and emotion overlap.
In good health, the energy flows through the meridians of your body. This has been recognised for thousands of years and tai chi, shiatsu, qi gong and so on are designed to keep the meridian energy flowing.

Trauma and stress create blocks in the energy system leading to illness and disease.

With EFT you can bring to mind and release negative emotional issues, physical issues thought patterns or behaviours. EFT is used to treat a wide range of problems including fears, phobias, pain, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder the list goes on. With modern brain scanning technology it has been proven that when you tap on the various acupuncture points it directly stimulates activity in the part of the brain were fear and emotion are processed.

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