NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)


NLP is the study of how people represent experiences real or imagined, to themselves internally and the corresponding effect on how the nervous system functions. It is a study of how people become successful and achieve their aims and objectives and enhance their lives. This can be in fields as diverse as; sport, education, business, relationships, management and healthcare. As humans we are very good at learning, this is obviously a good thing normally, however at times we learn to do things that aren’t useful and if practiced enough times a strategy becomes fixed in the brain that can run automatically without conscious thought. This can then become a constant source of frustration and sometimes misery. The brain treats what you think about as being real and therefore subsequently elicits the same physiological responses as if it were real.

People who suffer with phobias, anxiety and other stress related problems and in extreme cases post traumatic stress disorder use this process to recreate vivid sometimes, terrifying flashbacks. Knowing how the brain functions, allows the therapist to choose a number of ways to solve the problem. Using this model will help you create the ability to change a negative strategy to a more positive one

There are patterns to the way we organise our experiences, if we change those patterns our experience will also change and so to will our responses. NLP is all about producing results often very quickly.

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