Smoking Cessation

Our Smoking Cessation Plan Really Works and is Unique to Us!

The treatment programme we offer is two and a half hours long and incorporates the most up to date, state of the art techniques available to help you stop smoking permanently.

Smoking Cessation

The Programme includes:

  • Hypnotherapy – to promote positive attitude and overwrite negative unwanted habits.
  • EFT – to demolish cigarette cravings.
  • NLP – to create a focus on what you do want – eliminating what you don’t want.
  • HCBT – to change negative thoughts into positive ones.

The programme also includes teaching self hypnosis, thought stopping which is a quick way to eliminate negative thoughts and breathing exercises to reduce stress levels.

Providing you are fully committed to stopping smoking this two and a half hour session could be all you need to save your life.

We are so confident with our programme that if you are not completely satisfied with your progress within six weeks after the session we offer you a further session free of charge.


  1. Smoking is already affecting your health in many ways and you may not be fully aware of them all. Since the day you started, smoking has been interfering with your immune system, making you more vulnerable to illness caused by viruses or other infections. It has also been suppressing your body’s wound healing processes and interfering with your brain and nervous system making you more susceptible to stress, anxiety and depression.
  2. Since the day you started, smoking has been filling your lungs with invisible, odourless, tasteless, carbon monoxide gas, draining your energy levels by preventing your blood from taking up oxygen.
  3. Current research shows that the average smoker will die TEN YEARS prematurely on average; some researchers put this figure even higher. The last few decades of life can be particularly miserable for smokers who then begin to suffer the more serious effects of their habit.
  4. The total lifetime cost of smoking is, on average £140,000 not accounting for interest/inflation and other increases in cost.
  5. Most of the cost of a packet of cigarettes goes to the Government.
  6. Smoking makes your breath stink and your teeth decay and smokers tend to underestimate the strength of the smell of tar and bacteria in their breath and the odour of tar on their clothes.
  7. Smoking causes wrinkling of the skin, especially around the eyes and mouth. However, having a leg amputated or a breast removed is probably more of a cosmetic concern that skin-wrinkling or bad breath.
  8. Smoking changes the waist to hip ratio or fat distribution in women so that they are more likely to develop a male paunch.
  9. Children of smokers are three times more likely to smoke themselves. Alternatively, they may use their parents’ smoking as justification for smoking cannabis or taking other drugs.
  10. Most smokers use cigarettes to calm their nerves, but cigarettes are powerful stimulants, they do the complete opposite and smokers might as well be injecting adrenaline to relax and cope with stress. Smoking just makes you more and more stressed the more you smoke. You might as well bang your head on a wall to get rid of a headache.

You owe it to yourself and your family to quit smoking once and for all – contact me for further information.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be one of the most effective treatments for quitting smoking and my approach to smoking cessation has been tried and tested over many years.
The programme is a two and a half hour session designed to get you to quit once and for all. The day you quit smoking will probably rate as one of the most significant days of your life for two reasons.
  1. The quality of your life will be enhanced
  2. The duration of your life will be longer
We will begin the session by finding out why you started smoking in the first place and why you continued.

Consider these facts.

Nicotine is one of the most poisonous substances known to man. The nicotine extracted from one cigarette, if injected directly into a vein, will kill you in seconds. It is enough to kill a horse.
As well as nicotine and tar there is also Cyanide, arsenic, carbon monoxide, prussic acid, benzo-pyrene and ammonia and then the chemical fertilisers and insecticides that were sprayed on to the crop.
Does smoking really relax you?
When you introduce cigarette smoke into your body, it has the same response as it would have in a situation of perceived danger, that is the freeze flight or fight response is triggered:
  • The heart starts to beat faster
  • Respiration increases
  • Adrenalin and Nor adrenaline dumped into the system
  • Digestion is suppressed
  • Immune system is compromised leaving the system open to infections and worse cancer
  • Fatty deposits build up in the arteries narrowing blood vessels (Atheroma)
The lungs airways are covered in tiny hair like structures (cilia). In a healthy lung the cilia waft any unwanted particles out of the lungs. In smokers lungs the cilia become coated in tar and they become ineffective at removing any debris. Hence the lungs begin to fill up with tar and fluid. The main cause of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is smoking
Anything less than completely stopping smoking and having healthy lungs is not totally enabling you to relax the way you deserve.
I am totally confident that this programme will work for you that I offer a free repeat session after six weeks or if you feel you need additional support.

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